Strategic Plan

2018-2021 ILASFAA Strategic Plan

Training & Professional Development: 

Goal: Provide quality training and professional development opportunities that are responsive to membership needs.

  • Provide a professional annual conference with a strong program that supports the mission of ILASFAA.
  • Provide training to assist with maintaining and/or gaining compliance with current and new rules and regulations.
  • Encourage ILASFAA members to accept ownership of training activities by presenting sessions and facilitating discussion at conference and training events.
  • Develop a training template, which can be used to ensure regional coverage, session topics and other items to be considered when planning a training event. 
Goal: Create leadership development opportunities to prepare members for greater responsibilities within the financial aid profession and the Association.
  • Provide a leadership retreat every other year.
  • Foster a supportive, diverse environment that encourages committee participation and Executive Board leadership.
  • Develop ILASFAA members into ILASFAA leaders and develop ILASFAA leaders into regional and national leaders.

Networking & Communications:

Goal: Evaluate and determine ways to improve communication and networking opportunities to the membership.
  • Regularly inform the membership of Executive Board and Committee activities.
  • Determine the most effective method (social media, email, blogs, etc.) and schedule of communication with membership to ensure needs are being met.
  • Engage members through networking activities to view ILASFAA as “their” association by taking responsibility in its success, growth and development.
  • Create a “new member” communication plan to ensure targeted messages are shared timely and encourage new member participation in ILASFAA committees.
    • Example: Emails to be sent one-month and three-months after the annual conference on how to make the most of their membership.

Advocacy & Legislative Issues:

 Goal: Provide resources and updates for members to advocate for students and post-secondary institutions through the legislative process.
  • Assist students with easier access and affordability to post-secondary education through the financial aid process.
  • Collaborate with state agencies and other associations by providing opportunities to advocate for financial aid programs.
  • Encourage discussion, educate the membership, and provide tools that will enable members to be engaged in the legislative process, such as proposed regulations and negotiated rulemaking.
  • Provide feedback regarding the development of new public policies, both legislative and regulatory, that ensure the availability of post-secondary education.
  • Provide a forum for governmental agencies and sponsors to present new rules, regulations, and innovations.
  • Develop a consistent communication strategy to grow relationships with State and Federal legislators and their staff.

Association Infrastructure:

Goal: Maintain the financial stability and ensure the fiscal integrity of the Association. Objectives:
  • Continue financial planning to ensure the overall viability and sustainability of the
Association. This includes reviewing the reserves, annual operating budget and investment strategy.
  • Monitor all activities to ensure fiscal self-sufficiency and develop processes to evaluate the financial impact of our programs and services.
 Goal: Evaluate organization and committee structures. Objectives:
  • Review Executive Board and committees to ensure relevancy, diversity and to allow for engagement, feedback and timely decision-making.
  • Create outcomes for the Executive Board and committee chair positions to clarify responsibilities, to provide guidance, and to measure overall effectiveness of the role.
  • Identify measurable standards to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the association and ensure it is continuing to meet ILASFAA’s mission.
  • Develop processes to preserve the history of ILASFAA, including past leaders, committee chairs, members, conferences programs and activities.
  • Consider creative ways to make Association activities affordable and of value to the membership.
  • Explore ways to maintain membership and increase new membership.