Institutional Membership and Member Registration

Welcome to the ILASFAA Membership application form! 

Effective with our 2023-2024 membership year, we have changed to an institutional membership model. Institutions and members will continue to have the same great access and services as with the previous membership model, but at a bundle cost.


Institutional Membership Registration  

Each institution must have one membership coordinator. This would be the individual you decide to be your representative to ILASFAA. As the assigned representative they will be responsible for maintaining your staff account and will be the one person responsible for casting your institutional vote during elections.  This is the person who should complete the 'Institutional Registration Form' below.
Once you’ve completed the registration, we’ll match your existing members to your institutional account. Once your account is active, if you want new members to add themselves to your account you can refer them to the Member Registration form:

If this is your first time registering as an Institution, please use this link:
First Time Institution Registration


If you are an individual wishing to set up your profile within your institution
please use this link:  
Updating Individual Profile


IMPORTANT NOTE: You may receive a message that your email address already exists. This is a by-product of switching membership models for existing members and can be ignored. You should be able to continue on through the process.

Need help? Contact: